Digital Media

Digital Media Signage systém

The basic solution components are Media Server and Media Player. The Media Server is used for content administration and distribution. The Media Player provides  the local presentation of content. 

MediaServer is a software installation which enables creating groups of the media players with shared properties. It allows the remote administration of players, checking of their current status including real-time information about the content just being displayed. The MediaServer object is used to deliver content to a particular group of players.

Media Player is an end-point device which enables displaying of the media content on an LCD display. The media content is placed in the local repository of the distribution point, thus not creating a load on the distribution network. Using the Media Player, all the available functions of an LCD monitor can be remotely controlled: switching-off, switching-on, adjusting volume etc. It is possible to set a scheduler of automatic switching-off and switching-on of an LCD monitor.


Video conferences

We appreciate the need of our customers to effectively communicate at reasonable costs. Today video conferences offer a solution which brings cost savings to companies while optimizing the working time of employees. Our customers routinely use the technologies supplied by us to hold company meetings, training sessions, in communication between branch offices and with business partners. We endeavor to choose easy-to-operate equipment and services with a high utility value. Thanks to our trained professionals and based on our cooperation with the leading manufacturers of videoconferencing solutions, we deliver a complete range of products, from large room video conferences and personal hardware video conferences to software applications for mobile clients.

In the area of digital media we provide for comprehensive services including:

  • consultations
  • solution proposals
  • sale or long-term rental of equipment
  • installation
  • technical support and service