Cabling and electronical systems for buildings

In order to ensure reliable communication and operation of crucial technologies, the network infrastructure has to be of a high-quality design and build. To this end, our company has been an authorized partner and distributor of several renowned brands for years. We select the right solution according to the customers needs and with regard to required technical specifications, expected service life of the infrastructure in question, economic conceptions and brand preferences, if any. Our goals are reliable operation of your ICT infrastructure and top-level protection of your investment to the future.

In the area of cable infrastructure and systems for buildings, we offer the following:

  • Metallic structured cabling systems in categories 5e – 7
  • Fiber-optic cabling systems 1Gbps – 40 Gbps
  • Design and implementation of Electronic fire protection systems, Electronic security systems and CCTV (camera) systems
  • Access-control and attendance systems
  • Design and delivery of technologies for data centers and server rooms

Our services include:

  • Initial design and selection of the right solution
  • Development of the project implementing documentation
  • Deliveries of server-room equipment from simple configurations to professional data centers
  • Installation and termination of horizontal, vertical, and interconnecting cabling
  • Delivery and commissioning of overlay technologies
  • Final measurements using certificatory measuring instruments including elaborating of reports
  • Development of detailed project documentation
  • Certification of cabling systems and processing documentation for the purpose of extended system warranty (if provided by the given manufacturer)

In our implementations, we focus on leading and proven suppliers of systems that respect the wishes of the customer as much as possible. The solution designed by us is always built on the principles of quality and durability in order to ensure maximum reliability, high performance and long life.