Private 5G networks

Parallel to the building of the public fifth generation networks (5G), more and more attention turns also to the private 5G networks for industrial usage (Industry 4.0). These networks can bring to the industries such as manufacturing, logistics, transport etc. several unique communication functions and features, which can be realized neither by standard fixed networks nor by WiFi networks. Private 5G networks are independent of the public mobile networks and can be operated only by authorized user devices.

The main advantages of the private 5G networks are in particular:

  • High bit rate in Gbit/s

  • Very low latency (signal delay) in ms units

  • Economically efficient coverage of larger industrial sites

  • Security

  • Reliability

  • Operation in the licenced frequency band

The potential uses are very wide, as a rule the greatest benefits can be generated by these networks for industrial sites with high levels of automation of production and logistics. Automatic material handling, various types of video analysis, precise positioning, production control and monitoring and more can be mentioned as further value added functions.

In the Czech Republic, an enterprise/company that decides to implement and operate on its land (or leased land with the consent of its owner) a private 5G network, may request for an appropriate frequency allocation in the 3,4-3,8 GHz band one of the two authorized operators who, based on the results of the 5G frequency auction, are the holders of an obligation to provide such a lease to the applicant. Authorized operators „Povinní operátoři“ are O2 and CentroNet, both companies have already published their non-discriminatory and regulated offers.

HiTES CE offers comprehensive services in the field of analysis, design of a specific technical solution, implementation and servicing of the private 5G network in your enterprise. With the involvement of the experts from core, IP and radio networks we will create an offer for optimized use of the 5G network at your organization's premises, with an emphasis on economic and operational convenience.

Our services include:

  • Analyses – survey of the specific technical, communication and security requirements of the organisation including site visit of the corporate campus

  • Design of the technical solution and the location of the core network and network maintenance system (at the client/provider) - Proof of concept (PoC)

  • Proposal for radio coverage of the campus, including support for obtaining the necessary frequency allocation from the chosen operator and support for obtaining individual authorisation from CTU, supervision of compliance with technical conditions (in particular avoidance of interference)

  • Creation of commercial offer (CAPEX, OPEX)

  • Turn key installation, commissioning and configuration of the private 5G network

  • Supply and implementation of interesting applications (analytical processing of video signals, precise indoor positioning and more)

  • Operations and maintenance support and advisory