IT and SW Solutions

After having acquainted with the environment and customer needs, we use our IT knowledge to help them reach their goals. Our efforts are to optimize customer's resources and make them more effective with respect to current and future trends in the industry. Our certified experts work with the customer on all IT development stages from design through implementation to maintenance and complex management of the IT environment.

In the area of IT and SW solutions, we offer especially the following products and services:

  • PC, notebooks, servers, components and accessories
  • Printers, plotters, 3D printers
  • Projecting equipment, interactive displays
  • Terminal solutions
  • Hardware and software for data backup
  • Security hardware and software
  • Software for management, accounting and monitoring
  • Office, graphic and educational software
  • Virtualization and application software including implementation
  • Maintenance and management of the IT environment
  • IT outsourcing