Voice Solutions

Even today, in the world of electronic information exchange, the voice remains an important communication channel connecting your company with the world outside and even your employees with each other.

However, advanced voice solutions often require meeting of stringent requirements on integration between individual means of communication (fixed phones, IP phones, cellular phones, DECT, softphones etc.) and information systems populated with data on communication partners.

Therefore, choosing the right hardware, software and accessories is essential for boosting levels of efficiency within the organization and achieving a short ROI (Return On Investment) at the same time.

With experience and skills that HiTES CE employees boast in the area of voice communication solutions we can make sure that the ideal solution for your organization will be designed. The selected solution will be implemented by our own expert workers which will consequently take care of warranty and post warranty services.

For our clients in the given area, we offer the following product range:

  • Private branch exchanges (digital, IP-based)
  • Call handling systems (call centers)
  • Recording equipment
  • Audio conference equipment
  • SW products

Our complex services include:

  • Client requirements analysis taking into account the existing solution and state of readiness of the infrastructure in the place of implementation
  • Design of solution with respect to the needs and specific requirements of the customer
  • Prospective modifications / construction of distribution frames and cabling systems
  • Installation of communication systems together with all accessories and including configuration made by a specialist trained by the manufacturer
  • Follow-up maintenance and consultancy services